About Us

Established in 1961, the Kent Medical Foundation exists to provide educational financial assistance to medical students and physicians in order to further the development of Kent County and West Michigan as an outstanding medical community. Newly trained health professionals are encouraged to consider launching their medical career in West Michigan.

In 2009, the Kent Medical Foundation promoted a revised focus to enhance its support of the following areas: Community service, Research grants for academic presentations and Student loan assistance.

The Kent Medical Foundation has provided approximately $1 million in medical school loans.

If you have any questions regarding The Kent Medical Foundation please feel free to give us a call at 616-458-4157 or send us an e-mail at: kcmsoffice@kcms.org

If you would like to apply for a grant through The Kent Medical Foundation please download the forms below and submit them to our office at:

The Kent Medical Foundation
233 East Fulton, Suite 222
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

P: 616-458-4157
F: 616-458-3305
E: kcmsoffice@kcms.org

2018 Kent Medical Foundation Board of Trustees

Chair – Jayne E. Courts, MD
Vice Chair – Paul Nicholson
Secretary/Treasurer – Brian Janssen
Trustees – Irene Betz, David E. Hammond, MD, Kathleen Howard, MD, Deborah Shumaker